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Malik (12/14/09)

I could go into a bunch of different thoughts on the Seahawks. I could, but it would just seem like a waste of time. I mean the Seahawks remind me of only two things, and I don't count losers on that.

First off, it makes me think of how sorry I feel for the players who could be on real teams. I mean Houshmanzadeh came to the Seahawks this season, turning down the Vikings. Well, Housh made an obvious mistake on that one. Of course, anyone on the Seahawks who has the least amount of talent is pretty much in the wrong place. It's one thing to have some position lacking and that leads to losses, while good players can still pile on the stats. I mean the Texans are not exactly an awesome team, but they can still pull out enough moves to allow Andre Johnson to have the stats of a receiver on a real contending team.

The other thing I'm reminded of is the Holmgren days. When Holmgren was still coaching and Shaun Alexander was still the starting rusher for the Seahawks, we had an obvious problem. When Alexander had a cast or two on his frail body, Holmgren kept him in the starting lineup and Seattle fans would groan and complain that we needed to swap out Alexander for someone who was healthy and productive. Well, Mora has been making the standard Holmgren style calls with too many injured or useless players.

Why have Forsett as our number one rusher when you could keep forcing Julius Jones...and watch as Jones does nothing beyond shrink his already sad yards per run average? Why have Forsett in when we can keep trying to force Rankin to be productive? The same Rankin that was cut by the Raiders? Most of all, why keep Chris Spencer in as the center when his dominant hand is in a cast and this causes him to bumble snap after snap? I don't care if Spencer can apply a little protection to Hasselbeck, since this doesn't matter when you can see two snaps in a row lead to fumbles.

Yeah. I think the only thing that can be said about the Seahawks right now is that the less said, the better. It may be like a bad dream, and you're better off just trying to ignore it an move on rather than face the reality that this is ugly and cannot change anything about it. The Seahawks are, quite simply, a team that needs to be dismantled and rebuilt from the ground up next season. While I like to see some players, like Burleson, Hasselbeck, Mare, Forsett, and Hawthorne, I'd rather just see a completely new team next year. Best case scenario, if the Seahawks are rebuilt, there's about three years before they play back at their NFC-West-Dominating style of a few years ago. Worst case scenario...the team is not rebuilt and things continue downhill in a never ending death spiral.


Malik (12/18/09)

Next week will see Harmonix continue their long standing ways of adding new artists to Rock Band. Of course, I'm not exactly sold on Limp Bizkit being an artist we really need on Rock Band. I'm not sold on the idea that Limp Bizkit is a band needed outside of the summer of white rap-rock (that would be the summer of 1999).

At least another pack of Weezer is always good fun, and another song from The Offspring is cool. Now if only I still could find the enjoyment of Rock Band enough to play again. Then again, I also need to find that love for The Beetles Rock Band, since I'm now two albums down. The last DLC I got for either game was before Thanksgiving.

Of course, a lot of Rock Band is not needed when you have good games to play. It is a great autumn to play new games. I mean I've been playing Nostalgia, which was new a couple months back, like a man possessed. The game is pure addiction, even if it has some major problems.

The main problem, like with another airship centered RPG (Skies of Arcadia), is that random battles can become overwhelming in a hurry. It's not like you don't get benefits from so many battles, since there's a lot of fun skills and abilities to unlock with SP (skill points earned after combat) and to be used in battle. There's also a good selection of weapons and some cool strategies, in a simplistic way, to take advantage of.

The one problem I cannot get over so easily is that you revisit dungeons a lot in this game. I mean one dungeon, which I've grown to hate with a passion (the mines), I've visited about a dozen times and have at least one more side quest there. The game is based around completing the plot, but you can also take side jobs to unlock new areas and to get some cool bonus equipment. These side quests, for the most part, all take place in the same dungeons over and over again. Maybe if the game changed things up with more areas, I could overlook the tedium of these issues more readily. At least the tedious parts are bonus material and, therefore, self inflicted. I can let that go better than if the game required you to revisit the same hellish boring places for all eternity (like Mass Effect did with the identical dungeons throughout the game).

I should be nearing the final few dungeons of Nostalgia, so I might return to Rock Band (or Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal...which I halted playing abruptly thanks to Nostalgia) soon. Plus, I'm on vacation, so I'll probably be far more focused on fun for the next couple of weeks.

On a final note, it's great to see the Mariners getting so many good players (Chone Figgins and Cliff Lee!!!) and making some damned smart moves in the offseason. It helps me to forget that the Seahawks are seven point favorites (at least the last time I looked) against Tampa Bay this weekend. Yes, I consider that a sad thing, since almost any other team, at home, would definitely be favored by far more than a single TD against the crap-fest that is the Bucs. At this point, it's better for the Seahawks to lose and to raise their draft pick status than to go out and slaughter some bad opponents.


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